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A story about a pilot working in the streets instead of the air.

For the past 14 months, has Covid 19 changed the life of many people and it has forced a lot of huge organizations to let go of many of their workers.

A man wearing red standing in the middle of a parking place looking to the right.

Tatenda (25) is one of those people who's life has been affected by the ongoing pandemic.

A small plane which is used for training.

Tatenda is a pilot graduated from the CAE flight school in January 2020.

A black man fixing a small plane.

Before the pandemic, Tatenda was an airport worker, working as a ramp agent at the Gardermoen airport.

Beside his work as a ramp agent, Tatenda was applying for pilot jobs at different airlines.

A post man wearing a red jacket looking at the boxes he should deliver.

Tatenda lost his job as a ramp agent the same month the first positive case of Covid 19 was founded in Norway which happened in March 2020. 

He decided to find himself a new job which led to him working at Posten as a driver and package deliverer.

He delivers between 30 to 60 packages daily.

A post man wearing a red work jacket looking into the back of his work car.
A post man wearing a red work jacket delivering his next box.

Every day he gets a new area to deliver packages to, one day at the north, one day at the south, from east to west of Oslo. 

Rainy, snowy, sunny or cloudy..

It does not matter
what kind of weather there is

A post man wearing a red work jacket delivering boxes with his red car in the background.

Tatenda is still trying to spend some hours flying when he gets some free time

A post man wearing a red work jacket delivering a box to his next adress.

"somedays I work up to 12 hours a day just to make some extra money, there have been days where I start at 9 am and finish at

Black man in white t-shirt preparing his plane.

"When it comes to delivering the last package of the always feels special. cause you know that you are finally done after a long day of work"

A black man in red overcoat going down stairs while staring at his phone.
Shadow of a person under a light in a dark place.
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